2007 Mardi Gras Pictures
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LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras Dance, Feb. 17, 2007

The LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras Dance attracted a large crowd who danced to the music of the Pine Leaf Boys, watched the antics of the Mardi Gras as they circled around the dance floor, danced with the Mardi Gras, and then laughed as the co-capitains, whips in hand, struggled to eject the Mardi Gras, who did not go willingly.

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In addition to Wilson Savoy on accordion, Cedric Watson on fiddle,
Blake Miller on guitar, Jon Bertrand on bass, and Drew Simon on
drums, the Pine Leaf Boys were joined by Paul Edwards on triangle,
and Ryan Simon (at right) on accordion.


Posted 3-12-07