2008 Mardi Gras Pictures
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Participants in the Soileau Mardi Gras run get to sample treats provided by generous home owners. This year, on behalf of the Soileau Mardi Gras, Melvin Caesar presented a plaque to one couple who have hosted the Mardi Gras for many years, Paul and Celemae Thomas (Paul Thomas died later in 2008). In the past, Paul Thomas also served as capitaine of the Soileau and of L'Anse de 'Prien Noir Mardi Gras. In addition, Caesar presented a plaque to McKinley Ceasar Sr., who has participated for many years and who leads the Creole Mardi Gras chant using a small bull horn. There was chicken chasing, dancing, and a chance to renew old friendships.  A number of the Mardi Gras have moved away from Soileau but return each year to take part in this community event.



Posted 4-8-08