2005 Mardi Gras Pictures

Mermentau Mardi Gras Courir
January 30, 2005
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Photos of Mermentau's 11th Annual Krewe de Feux Mardi Gras Run, benefiting St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, were taken in Estherwood on Highway 90 about 9:15 a.m., where the Mardi Gras stopped traffic and danced the freeze, and at the ball park in Estherwood. If the Mardi Gras head toward you the way you see at right, be prepared to give them something in exchange for some beads or suffer the consequences.  However, as the photos below show, children who gave were still subject to being swooped up and carried off. The co-captaines were at least able to maintain enough control to prevent heavy objects like newspaper vending machines from being carted off. But don't ride your bike to see the Mardi Gras unless you want them to ride off on it.


Posted 1-30-05