2006 Mardi Gras Pictures
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Liberty Theater Show, Feb. 25, 2006

Photos taken during the Liberty Theater show Feb. 25, 2006. The Pine Leaf Boys played that night, and the Basile Mardi Gras, led by Capitaine Potic Rider, took over the theater in the middle of the show.  The band consisted of Wilson Savoy on accordion, Cedric Watson on fiddle, Jon Bertrand on guitar, Drew Simon on drums, and Blake Miller on bass. Host Barry Ancelet is shown in one photo singing "La Belle Josette" with Cedric. The Basile Mardi Gras are shown dancing, singing, and begging. Click on thumbnails to access larger photos.




LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras Dance

 The LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras made a run through the pavilion at the Pays Bas RV Park about 8:30, but, as often happens, they wouldn't leave when they were supposed to, so the co-captains had to drag them out, kicking and struggling. The Pine Leaf Boys made a quick trip from the Liberty to the dance to provide the music and strike some poses.  While the Mardi Gras created havoc at the dance (notice the Mardi Gras with the bottom half of a mannequin in which he collected money), five of them were kind enough to help push the LSUE photographer's car that was bogged down in a muddy spot.  Merci! Click on thumbnails to access larger photos.



Posted 3-2-06