Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Weekend

April 2-4, 2004    Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

Sunday, April 4, 2004

These photos include only part of Sunday afternoon's activities at the 2004 Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Weekend. Walter Mouton, leader of the Scott Playboys, joined by U.J. Meaux on fiddle, gave a master musician presentation. Blake Castille played guitar and served as moderator. Mouton told stories about his 52 years of playing (he was 65 when these photos were taken), including his long stint as the regular band at La Poussière, the club where the campers went dancing the previous evening, and his memories of other musicians who played in his band (including Wayne Toups). He emphasized his belief that a musician must be committed to excellence and expressed his disdain for supposed musicians who are more interested in gyrating on stage than in the quality of their music (he used to playing standing but now prefers to remain seated: after all, the pay is the same, he explained). Then, he gave a practical demonstration of what he means by music played well and seemingly without effort: a sample of "Home, Sweet Home," the song with which he always ends his dances. The accordion began with the basic tune, and then Mouton added in layer on top of layer of notes, all pouring out with perfect ease from a true master musician.

Note: Uray Jules Meaux, a mainstay in Cajun music for decades, died July 7, 2006.



This section includes photos of workshops led by Paul Daigle, show below on accordion; by D'Jalma Garnier on fiddle and Dexter Ardoin on accordion, shown at right, who demonstrated the Creole style; by Al Berard, who taught fiddle seconding; and by Marce Lacouture, who taught ballads and home music (in the photo, they are singing "L'Oranger").

Posted 4-12-04

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