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Digital Pictures of the 30th annual
Mamou Cajun Music Festival

Sept. 7 and 8, 2001

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Dennis Boudreaux, fiddler with Savoir Faire, played in Jamie Berzas's band

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Jamie Berzas

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Jamie Berzas and the 2001 festival version of Cajun Tradition

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The famous Potato Dance on Friday night, with music provided by Marc and Ann Savoy.

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Michael Rougeau on drums with Cory
McCauley's band

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Cory McCauley

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Lisa McCauley

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Robert Jardell

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Paul Daigle

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The annual Mamou Cajun Music Festival gets a lot of support from businesses in the community, acknowledged by the signed posted on the back wall of the Civic Center. The picture was taken late Saturday afternoon. In 2001, the festival also had support from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council as administered by the Acadiana Arts Council.

The festival was held September 7 and 8, 2001. On Friday night, two groups performed: Cory McCauley and the Evangeline Aces; and Marc and Ann Savoy. On Saturday, the line-up included Johnny Sonnier and Cajun Heritage; Nez Pique; Robert Jardell and Pure Cajun; Paul Daigle and Cajun Gold; Jamie Berzas and Cajun Tradition. The festival honored Harrison Fontenot, accordionist and accordion maker, shown at right.

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