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Digital Pictures of the Mamou
Cajun Music Festival


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Ann Savoy

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Marc Savoy

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"J'amerais mourir dedans tes bras"--Christine Balfa sings "La Valse des Balfa"

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Kevin Wimmer

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Balfa Toujours: Kevin Wimmer, Dirk Powell, Christine Balfa
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In addition to Marc and Ann Savoy and Balfa Toujours, other groups that performed during the 1999 Mamou Cajun Music Festival were Corey McCauley and the Evangeline Aces;  Lee Benoit;  Felton LeJeune and the Cajun Cowboys; and Cajun Tradition. Contests and workshops were also featured at the festival.


Cajun Music Festival


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Jebb Huval (a member of Breaux Bridge's Huval Family Band) and his fiancée, Anita Trahan, danced a waltz and then a two-step while holding a potato between their foreheads longer than any other couple. They were the winners of Friday night's potato dance competition.

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