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Digital Pictures of the 31st annual
Mamou Cajun Music Festival

Sept. 6 and 7, 2002

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The 31st annual Mamou Cajun Music Festival was held in the skating rink adjacent to the Civic Center (a.k.a. "The White Elephant"). The rink is a spacious, air-conditioned building so that everyone was comfortable: no heat, and, even more important, no mosquitoes!

Don Fontenot and Les Amis de la Louisiane got the music started Friday evening, joining the dancers on the floor during the closing number.

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As always, Marc and Ann Savoy, with Ken Smith on fiddle, Tina Pilione on bass, and Vernon Bergeron on drums, performed at the festival Friday evening.

In the photo of the full band, Jamie Bergeron, who performed with his band Cajun Tradition Saturday evening, can be seen in the background.

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Here are a three photos of Friday evening's potato dance, which features both an adult and a children's division. Couples try to keep that potato positioned between their foreheads while dancing.

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