2000 Mardi Gras Pictures

Council on Aging Dance at LSUE, March 6, 2000

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Guyland Leday

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The St. Landry Parish Council on Aging Mardi Gras Dance at LSUE has been held for many years, but this year it drew by far the largest crowd ever. The Internet seems to have played a major role in getting the word out.   We at LSUE didn't know that Zydeco Force would be playing until we saw an item in Gary Hayman's e-zine.

Jefferey Broussard and the recently reassembled band sounded great. Broussard sang many songs in French while displaying his mastery of the accordion. The band members included Robby Robinson on bass, Shelton Broussard on lead guitar, Demetric Thomas on scrubboard, Raymond Thomas on drums, and Austin Byars on rhythm guitar (sitting in for Shelton Sonnier). A new CD should be out by the end of March.

The Council on Aging chose Gabe Bourgeois and Jane Fontenot to be king and queen.  The honor of being the best dancers went to Cecile Broussard and Harold Boudreaux (Mr. Boudreaux was seen later that evening still going strong at the street dance in downtown Eunice). 

Shown below are some of the dancers on the floor of the LSUE Acadian Center, including a photo of LSUE Chancellor William J. Nunez, III, and his wife, Adele.

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Posted 3-11-00