2000 Mardi Gras Pictures

Basile, March 7, 2000

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Here are pictures of the Basile Mardi Gras early in their run on a foggy morning. In the top photo, several Mardi Gras are begging the mistress of the house as they sing: "C’est les Mardi Gras, a demande la maitresse,  la maitresse pour une petite poule grasse et du riz ou de la graisse," followed by the refrain sung by everyone, "Tout le tour autour du moyeu," and then the explanation, "Pour faire leur grand gumbo ce soir Grand Basile." In the next shot, Potic Rider, the captain, is leading the song.

The Mardi Gras also dance at each house they visit. They ride in trailers, but, when the houses they visit are close together, they walk from one house to the next.

If they encounter a car, they block the path and beg. When the driver pictured didn't respond immediately, they began rocking the car back and forth while the driver laughed.

In the shot of the Basile screen Mardi Gras mask, notice the smiling face under the mask's downturned lips.

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Posted 3-11-00