2000 Mardi Gras Pictures

Grand Prairie Courir, March 5, 2000

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These are shots taken about 1:30 p.m. during the Grand Prairie Courir's boudin lunch stop. That's Capitaine Ricky Soileau organizing the chicken chase in the top photo and posing in the bottom shot. W.D. Fontenot and the Cherokee Playboys provided music at the stop.

According to the Ville Platte Gazette, the Grand Prairie run had 662 participants this year, including 340 on horseback. They managed to catch 64 chickens, five guineas, and one duck.

Awards were as follows: Todd Manuel, Best Dressed Mardi Gras; Todd Veillon, Best All-Around Mardi Gras; Chuck Manuel, Most Chickens caught (tied with a float rider, but the Mardi Gras on horseback got the trophy).

The Gazette also reported that Ricky Soileau will be stepping down as capitaine. Shane Trahan, who was co-capitaine, will become capitaine.

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Posted 3-12-00