2000 Mardi Gras Pictures

LSUE Student and Staff Mardi Gras, March 3, 2000

Mardi Gras celebrations are adapted to fit individual situations. On the LSUE campus, some students and staff members this year decided to have a sidewalk parade on Friday using a four-wheeler and a few carts that ordinarily are the property of the Physical Plant. In the next picture, an avid Mardi Gras who participated in courirs Saturday in Leonville, Sunday in Church Point, and Tuesday in Eunice, practices his begging technique (if begging doesn't work right away, then go for the shoe). Below is a shot of a costume contest in the Acadian Center. The Mardi Gras parade was organized by the Student Government Association and the Rotaract Club. lsue-00-1.jpg (17243 bytes)

lsue-00-2.jpg (25249 bytes)

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Posted 3-3-00