2001 Mardi Gras Pictures

Elton Courir, February 24, 2001

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This year, the Elton Courir de Mardi Gras assembled in the Town of Elton instead of beginning on the Bertrand farm. The courir followed a circular route north of Elton, returning back into town in mid-afternoon.

A couple of monks were among the participants this year, along with riders wearing traditional black face, plus red face, green face, and just about anything else that turns ordinary reality on its head.

At the first chicken-chasing stop, musicians sat down to play a few songs while one Mardi Gras decided to stretch out on the shell road. All of the photos on this page were taken between 8 a.m. when the courir began to leave Elton and about 9 a.m.

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Posted 8-26-01