2001 Mardi Gras Pictures

Tee-Mamou Mardi Gras in Iota, February 27, 2001

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This year's pictures from the Iota Folklife Festival were taken after a heavy rain shower. The skies cleared in time for the Tee-Mamou Courir to roll down the street a little before 3 p.m.

One Mardi Gras showed off his prize catch of the day, and others begged for coins from the crowd.

Earlier, when the rain got too heavy, dancers cleared off the main stage, but soon the music resumed, and dancers of all ages crowded back onto the platform.

As usual, this page features a picture of LSUE's Anita Dupre, keeping dry under the Catholic Daughters of America tent, where she sold beignets and other treats.

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Posted 8-25-01