2001 Mardi Gras Pictures

L'Anse Maigre, February 25, 2001

In 2000, the L'Anse Maigre (or Lanse Meg) Courir was small because it was scheduled on Mardi Gras Day in competition with the Mamou Courir. With a switch to the Sunday before Mardi Gras, the 2001 courir had a good turnout.

The riders assembled early in the morning at a farm on Highway 374 (the Duralde Highway) west of Highway 13. After some practice chicken-chasing, shown at right, the courir headed east.

At the first stop, one rider attempted a head stand (it lasted for about a second).

As the riders moved from house to house, they offered French and English greetings to friends and acquaintances that they have known most of their lives in rural Evangeline Parish.

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In the pictures below, one rainbow-haired Mardi Gras boastfully displays his beauty to the photographer. The bottom photograph is a wide shot from which the close-up of the Mardi Gras doing the head stand was lifted. Other riders and wagon had not yet arrived at the home when this shot was taken.

Unfortunately, LSUE has no pictures of the afternoon pig chase that concluded the courir after the riders returned to their starting point.

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Posted 8-26-01