2002 Mardi Gras Pictures

Church Point Courir, February 10, 2002

Here are photos taken at the home of Jim and Betty David when the Church Point Mardi Gras Courir paid them a visit February 10, 2002. They  are shown in the bottom right photo dancing with the Mardi Gras after they were presented with a plaque by the Mardi Gras Association recognizing their generosity in hosting the courir for many years and also inviting tour groups to visit to see the courir.

Troy Richard was capitaine of the 2002 Courir. Co-capitaines were Todd Richard, Tony Arceneaux, Joe Cormier, Larry Richard, Ronald Roy, Ty Hargroder, Carl Daigle, and Reggie Doucet.

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From left: Woody Daigle, Kenneth David, and Reggie Matte on the band wagon

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Jim and Betty David, the home owners dancing with the Mardi Gras


Posted 1-15-03