2002 Mardi Gras Pictures

LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras, February 9, 2002

These photos were taken February 9, 2002, during the first two hours of the LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras Run, a revival of a run that had not been held for some 50 years. For more photos and information, go to LSUE's LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras Page.

At right, Capitaine Gus Gravot is shown meeting with the homeowners at the first stop on the run. The other photos shown some of the musicians, the LeJeune Cove Wagon, the co-capitaines trying to deal with a Mardi Gras who wanted to jump on a homeowner's trampoline,  Patsy Hebert (who prepares The Patsy Report) responding to a begging Mardi Gras, and other scenes that revived in 2002 the kind of Mardi Gras amusements that were part of the run when it was last held five decades earlier.

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Posted 1-20-03