2003 Mardi Gras Pictures

Eunice: Monday Night in Eunice
March 3, 2003

eumo6.jpg (19692 bytes) It began drizzling mid-morning on Monday, with a cold wind blowing out of the northeast. The weather only got worse as evening approached, but Fred Charlie would not be deterred. When he could not set up on the outdoor stage, he moved everything into Dee's Cajun Gifts, the store that he and his wife run. Musicians jammed inside, and then he set up his sound system for his band. He and Jason Babineaux, Elridge Aguillard, and Jeffery Thibodeaux played while visitors danced in the aisles.


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It continued to rain while Junior Melancon was setting up on the outside bandstand, but it stopped a few minutes before he and the Come Down Playboys got under way. Even though it was still chilly, people began to appear, and soon there was a large crowd dancing and partying on Second Street in Eunice the evening before Mardi Gras.


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Posted 3-30-03