2003 Mardi Gras Pictures

Eunice: Magnolia Sisters
March 2, 2003


The audience Sunday afternoon at the Liberty Theater got a change to hear the wonderful music of The Magnolia Sisters, an all-female Cajun band who perform traditional Cajun music with special attention to the nuances of songs as interpreted through a female sensibility.

During the performance, Ann Savoy, shown at right, announced that the Magnolia Sisters will be releasing a new CD (their third) later this year.

The performance was part of a concert to benefit the United Methodist Church in Eunice, the church that Ann Savoy attends.

Jane Vidrine is shown on fiddle immediately below in the left column.   Lisa Trahan is the other vocalist (she plays bass) shown in the right column.

The other fiddler is Anya Schoenegge, who has a business doing fiddle repairs.

Christine Balfa, another member of the group, was performing Sunday afternoon with Balfa Toujours at Whiskey River Landing in Henderson and therefore could not be there.

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Posted 3-30-03