2003 Mardi Gras Pictures

Eunice: Sunday at The Liberty with The Red Stick Ramblers
March 2, 2003

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The Red Stick Ramblers brought their Cajun gypsy swing music to the Liberty Theater as part of a benefit concert organized by Ann Savoy to help support her church. The band performed original compositions, Western and jazz swing, and, to mention one specific number that will be on the group's second CD, "Sixteen Tons," a song made popular by Tennessee Ernie Ford and now   available in a new version featuring  Linzay Young's vocals and the energetic, tightly knit swing style of some very accomplished young musicians. Other band members are Joel Savoy on fiddle; Chas Justis on guitar; Ricky Rees on bass; Josh Caffery on mandolin; and Glenn Fields on drums.

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Posted 3-30-03