2003 Mardi Gras Pictures

Eunice: The Savoy Family Band on Sunday
March 2, 2003

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The Savoy Family Band was the opening group to perform in a special benefit for the First United Methodist Church of Eunice, organized by Ann Savoy, a church member. Marc Savoy, her husband, is on accordion, Wilson Savoy on piano keyboard, and Joel Savoy on fiddle. However, as the bottom photo shows, these musicians can play any instrument–during their last number, they rotated from one instrument to the next. Everyone who listens to Cajun music is familiar with the many accomplishments of Marc and Ann Savoy. It is certainly a pleasure to see them on stage with two of their children, both very talented musicians who share their parents' love of Cajun music. savoy2.jpg (25231 bytes)
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Posted 3-30-03