2003 Mardi Gras Pictures

St. Thomas More Mardi Gras Dance
March 1, 2003

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The annual St. Thomas More Mardi Gras dance is a fund-raiser for Catholic church located in Eunice on LSUE Drive. Marc and Ann Savoy have played at the dance for many years now.  It has become a Mardi Gras event that everyone in Eunice and many people from around the country look forward to with great anticipation.

In recent years the admission has been $15 per person, which includes access to tables loaded with Cajun food, four hours of the best Cajun music to be heard anywhere, and a lot of Mardi Gras fun.

At 10 p.m., the costumed Mardi Gras parade around the parish hall, where the dance is held, and then the judges announce the winners of the costume contest–usually the winning couples do not remove their masks and only offer hints of their identity.

In addition to Marc and Ann, Vernon Begeron is shown on drums. Other members not pictured were Ken Smith on fiddle and Tina Pilione on bass.

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Posted 3-30-03