2003 Mardi Gras Pictures

Tee-Mamou Women's Courir, March 1, 2003

tm10.jpg (47025 bytes) The Tee-Mamou Women's Courir rode around in the Tee-Mamou Mardi Gras wagon, stopping at farms and residences in the rural Tee-Mamou area to sing their song, dance, cut up, and have fun. Among the Mardi Gras were several LSUE students.
As the photos below show, the Mardi Gras chased chickens but also had a chance for some pig-chasing at one home.

When one Mardi Gras found a junked sink, she picked it up and began going around offering to let everyone use it to wash up.

Notice the Mardi Gras using her capuchon as a hat rack for her dancing partner's cowboy hat.

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Posted 3-11-03