2004 Mardi Gras Pictures

Basile Mardi Gras Courir
February 24, 2004

It was another foggy start to the Basile Mardi Gras Courir. The Mardi Gras gathered at the Town Park (aka The Pig Barn). As shown at right, they were searched for weapons, as is the tradition, before loading onto the trailers used for the run. They stopped at homes, sang their song and begged, danced, and chased chickens.

One Mardi Gras is shown helping to keep the streets of Basile clean with a mop.

In the bottom photos, Capitaine Potic Rider is shown leading the Mardi Gras in their song and, in the second photo, heading up the Mardi Gras as they walk between two stops that are close together.


Posted 6-1-04