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Balfa Toujours at

the 2000 Crawfish Festival

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balfa38.jpg (22960 bytes) These pictures were taken at the 2000 Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival on May 6. Balfa Toujours gave another rousing performance in front of a large crowd of fans. Shown here are Kevin Wimmer, Christine Balfa, and Dirk Powell.
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The performance featured several numbers that are part of the Balfa Toujours 2000 CD release, Live at Whiskey River Landing, such as Dirk Powell's new song, "Le Two-Step de Bon Café" and Nathan Abshire's "La Valse de Bélizaire," sung by Kevin Wimmer.

Courtney Granger, shown at left, was a guest performer in Breaux Bridge  but has now rejoined the group as a regular member.

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Pictured at left  is Christine Balfa's sister, Nelda. She used to be a regular member of the group.  Currently, she joins them from time to time when they perform in the Lafayette area. At the festival, she sang Lawrence Walker's "Valse de Reno" (named for a nightclub between Kaplan and Abbeville). Her own songs like "Pop, tu me parles toujours," "Après nous espérer," and "La marraine," recorded on the group's first two albums, are touching tributes based on memories of her father, mother, and family.

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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