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Balfa Toujours in Basile

and Eunice, Fall 2002

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The photographs on this page show Balfa Toujours performing in Christine Balfa's home town of Basile on Friday evening, November 1, 2002. The festival is held at the Town Park at the "Pig Barn." The next evening, Balfa Toujours played at the Liberty Theater in Eunice. balfa212.jpg (45049 bytes)
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The shot above was taken at the Liberty Theater. The photos at right were taken at the Swine Festival.

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Burke Balfa, at the time the only surviving brother of Dewey Balfa, is shown playing triangle with his niece, Christine. He and his wife (who was also at the Liberty) danced to the music of Balfa Toujours at the Pig Barn Friday night. Burkeman Balfa died August 2, 2004.


Posted 1-3-03

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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