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Balfa Toujours 2003

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Here are photos of Balfa Toujours at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival May 3, 2003: Christine Balfa on guitar, Dirk Powell on accordion, Courtney Granger on fiddle (wearing his Eunice High t-shirt), Kevin Wimmer on fiddle, Nelda Balfa Henderson on triangle (and singing her song "La Marraine"). Kevin Wimmer is shown on fiddle at Arręte Pas La Musique, a fundraiser for Louisiana Folk Roots held in Ville Platte February 15, 2003, where the photo of Dirk in the blue shirt was also taken. Also visible in the bottom photo are Todd Aucoin on drums and Kyle Hebert on bass.

Click here for photos of Balfa Toujours performing with Bois Sec Ardoin after their performance at the Crawfish Festival.

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Posted 6-22-03

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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