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Note: Bayeaux is no longer performing together. Bernie Alan's band has a Myspace page.

Bayeaux is a band from the Oberlin area that practiced a few times and then performed during the 2000 Oberlin Mardi Gras. A month or so later, the group was already in Mike Lachney's studio in Kinder to record their first CD, released by Lachney's Bad Weather Records. Since the release of C'est Cheaux, Bayeaux has been performing at clubs and special events throughout the region.

The group's main vocalist is Blackie Ryder, who, according to Arsenio Orteza in his review in the Times of Acadiana (8-20-00), previously recorded a cassette with the group Cajun Sunrise. His clear, distinctive tenor voice helps him offer new interpretations of the Cajun standards included on the CD.

Bernie Alan, the accordionist and the other vocalist, sings some of the English lyrics on the CD, including a version of Warren Storm's "Lord, I Need Somebody Bad" (with Ryder joining in to sing the lyrics in French). The two got together informally and started playing, with Ryder helping Alan to learn additional Cajun songs.

The other members of the band are new to Cajun music. Drummer Dino Predico used to play in rock bands, and bass guitar player Conrad Trombatore is a New Orleans native who has lived in South America.

The CD includes Cajun standards: "Allons danser," "Kaplan Waltz," "Pine Grove Blues," "Un autre soir ennuyant," "La porte d'en arrière," "Donnez moi une autre chance," "The Lemonade Song," "The Gravel Road," and "Popcorn Boogie" ("Blues de Tic-Tac").


In addition to "Lord I Need Somebody Bad Tonight," Bayeaux sings both in.French and English on "No Good Woman" and "Cajun from Church Point." "YaYa" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" are performed in English.

On the night Bayeaux played the Liberty, Blackie Ryder also offered a couple of original songs.


In the photographs in the right column, Blackie Ryder is shown in the top picture. Bernie Alan is shown on accordion, together with Conrad Trombatore on base in the third shot.

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Pictured directly above at the Liberty Theater January 6, 2001, are, from left, Jason "Suqua" Hagen, Conrad Trombatore, Bernie Alan, Dino Predico, "Shakey" Kenneth Poole Jr., Blackie Ryder, Lucky Trombatore, and Aline Ryder. The other picture was taken when Bayeaux rode a float in the 2000 Mamou Christmas Parade, which featured several Cajun bands, plus a zydeco band.


All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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