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    Bois Sec Ardoin in Plaisance
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It has been hard to keep up with 87-year-old Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin  during  2002. He may no longer be going to festivals outside Louisiana, but he certainly has been on a lot of stages in his home state.

This year, the 20th annual Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival, held August 31, 2002, in rural Plaisance, paid tribute to the families of Zydeco. The program included a special performance by Bois Sec Ardoin with two of his son, Morris Ardoin on fiddle and Lawrence "Black" Ardoin on vocals. His grandson Chris Ardoin (Black Ardoin's son) played bass. After several songs, Bois Sec Ardoin ended his performance but continued to sit on one side of the stage, smiling while Black Ardoin took over on accordion to play some more Creole songs with his brother, and then Chris Ardoin took center stage with his Double Clutchin' Zydeco band.


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Posted 9-2-02

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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