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 Jude Moreau

  and the Bon Temps Playboys

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Note: The information on this page was current in 2004. In addition to playing accordion, Jude Moreau is an accordion builder. In 2008, he posts regularly on the Cajun Accordion Discussion Group.

Jude Moreau is a Texas Cajun living in Groves near Port Arthur. He has joined with other Texas Cajuns and a Creole fiddler to form a band, the Bon Temps Playboys, dedicated to preserving traditional Cajun music. They play at venues like Larry's French Market in Groves and elsewhere in Southeast Texas. The photos on this page were taken when the group performed at the Liberty Theater in Eunice and at Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette in September 2003.

Jude Moreau fondly remembers his family roots in the rural community of Pecanière, near Leonville in St. Landry Parish. His "La Valse de Pecanière" on the group's 2002 CD is a tribute to his father, the late Ashton Joseph Moreau. He sings the lyrics in French and recites an English translation near the end.

Other songs on the CD, titled Retourner au Les Vieux Temps, are Cajun standards by Iry LeJeune, Adam Hebert, and others.  Most of them are sung by Roland Ledet, a great Cajun vocalist for whom everything in the music seems to be a natural expression of who he is and what he feels.  Among the cuts are "Les flammes d'enfer," "Valse à Tolan," "La Queue d'tortue," "Pour la dernière fois," "Valse de Alida," "Viens m' chercher," "Love Bridge Waltz," and "The Evangeline Special."

Roland Ledet's twin daughters, Leona and Leanna Ledet, offer some beautiful harmony vocals on "Grand Mamou" and "Tes yeux bleus." They have been nominated by the Cajun French Music Association to receive a Le Cajun Award as female vocalists of the year for 2003.

Another strength of the CD is the fiddle playing of Edward Poullard, who is completely at home with both Cajun and Creole fiddling. Rather than concern himself with musical categories, he has always found true pleasure in making beautiful, heartfelt music, "la musique française."

Blaine Thibodeaux plays drums on the CD.

The CD also includes a couple of instrumentals, "Papa George Special" and "Midnight Playboy Special."

Several band members may be contacted by e-mail: Jude Moreau, Roland Ledet, Leanna Ledet Robles, and Leona Ledet.

The CD was released in 2002 by Louisiana Radio Records.

Shown from the top of the right column are Jude Moreau, Roland Ledet, and Ed Poullard at the 2003 Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette. Jude Moreau and Roland Ledet are also pictured at the Liberty Theater in Eunice. In the left column, Leanna Ledet is shown at Festivals Acadiens in the top photo playing bass. Leanna Ledet is playing guitar at the Liberty.

Shown from left are Ed Poullard, Leanna Ledet, Jude Moreau, Blaine Thibodeaux,
Leona Ledet, and Roland Ledet.

Posted 8-5-04

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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