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    Cajun Express
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Note: Cajun Express is no longer performing (there is a Texas band with the same name that was active when this page was finalized in 2008).

Cajun Express is an Evangeline Parish band that features David Fontenot on accordion and vocals and Waven Boone on fiddle and vocals. Their first CD, La Couleur de Notre Sang, contains six new songs by Waven Boone and another new song by David Fontenot, plus a new instrumental.

Fontenot's fast-stepping "Gro John" describes a visit by Big John from Alexandria, who likes to cook in a black pot for himself and his friends.

Waven Boone is best known as a prolific artist whose work captures the spirit of the French culture of Evangeline Parish and Southwest Louisiana, from scenic views of bayous to portraits of musicians. He has designed more than 3,000 festival posters and completed more than 11,000 original etchings. He also happens to be an excellent guitarist and song writer. The lyrics of songs like "Pour ça t'as fait" and "Les promesses tu ma fais" center on the familiar themes in Cajun music of abandonment and regret. "Chère Avie" is about the pain of leaving and separation during war. "Notre marriage" is an affirmation of a life-long commitment to love and togetherness.

"Le Bord de la Rivère" evokes memories of the past, ending with a tribute to the music of the Balfa Brothers and Will's "Valse de Balfa."

The title song, "La Couleur de Notre Sang," was inspired by Le Grand Dérangement, when the British Redcoats burned the homes of the Acadians and forced them into exile.

The CD has 13 cuts, including covers of songs like Eddie LeJeune's "Eh Mom Mom" and "Your Turn to Cry" and Nathan Abshire's "Choupique Two-Step."

Guests artists on the CD include Hadley J. Castille, Scott Ardoin and several members of Les Amis de la Louisiane:  Layton Thibodeaux, Karl Deshotel, and Kurt Daigle. The CD was released by Acadiana Records.

According to the liner notes, David Fontenot can be contacted at 337-363-6202 or 337-224-1107, and Waven Boone can be reached at 337-360-0222.

Pictured in the left column at a performance in the Liberty Theater are David Fontenot on accordion, Waven Boone on guitar, and Brigit Murphy on fiddle.

Shown from left are Brigit Murphy, David Fontenot, Waven Boone, and, guest musician on bass, Courtney Granger with his sister on triangle. Sharla Taylor, who played drums and triangle on the CD, was not able to be at the Liberty on the night of the performance.
Posted 12-31-05.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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