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CFMA All-Stars 2006

Cajun French Music Association

Kristi Guillory and other members of Bonsoir, Catin served as the stage band for the other all-stars.

Kira Viator, leader of Bayou Beat

Sheryl Cormier, who sang several songs and was also joined by husband Russell, who performed their signature song "La Bouteille"

Ashley Hayes, formerly with Feufollet and then with Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys, now performing on her own and doing song writing.

CFMA Honors
Female All-Stars

The 18th annual Cajun French Music Association Festival included another all-star line-up, this year featuring female musicians, with members of Bonsoir, Catin playing as the stage band. The performance took place Saturday afternoon, August 19, 2006, at Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette.

As the photos show, the all stars included Claudia Wood, Kira Viator, Helen Boudreaux, Sheryl Cormier, and Ashley Hayes. The members of Bonsoir, Catin in the stage band were Kristi Guillory, Anya Burgess, Yvette Landry, and, the only male in the group, Jude Veillon on drums. Maegan Berard also played guitar with the group.

Though males still outnumber females in Cajun music, there are many other Cajun women in bands across Southwest Louisiana, in addition to those featured at the CFMA festival.

Women have had a significant role in Cajun music over the years, not only well known female musicians like Cléoma Breaux Falcon, who, with her husband, Joe Falcon, made the first Cajun recording in 1928, but many others who played only at home or at house dances.

The two-day CFMA festival also featured many other Cajun bands, along with booths offering a variety of items for sale. The annual Le Cajun awards were presented on August 18, the evening before the start of the festival.

Claudia Wood, park ranger at the Jean Lafitte Prairie Acadian Cultural Center in Eunice and a charter member of the CFMA.

Helen Boudreaux

Anya Burgess with Bonsoir, Catin

Yvette Landry with Bonsoir, Catin

The stage band, from left, included Jude Veillon on drums, Anya Burgess on fiddle, Kristi Guillory on accordion, Yvette Landry on bass, Maegan Berard on guitar, Ashley Hayes on guitar. Veillon, Burgess, Guillory, and Landry are members of Bonsoir, Catin.

Posted 8-23-06

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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