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  Corey Ledet

   and His Zydeco Band


All of the photos were taken at the Liberty
Theater in Eunice. Greg Potier is shown on

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2007 New CD:
Don't Shut Me Out

Corey Ledet, whose performance of Clifton Chenier classics has won standing ovations, shows off his own Zydeco accordion style and Zydeco songwriting in his 2007 CD, Don’t Shut Me Out.  Most of the cuts feature Corey on piano accordion, but he also plays triple-row or really anything with keys—the liner notes don’t indicate the instrumentation for each number. The CD features all original songs, plus a traditional juré number.

Like a lot of Zydeco, some of the lyrics on songs like “Mom Sue” are more musical phrases in the melody and rhythm than expressions of meaning, but everything flows together to make for Zydeco excitement. And on “Corey’s After Hour Blues,” he blends the lyrics with the highly expressive musical voice of his accordion along with the tears flowing from Pandy “Guitar Gable Jr.” Perrodin’s guitar into some of the most low down, late night blues you’ll ever hear.

In “Creole Spice,” Corey demonstrates his accordion virtuosity in an old-style performance accompanied only by drums and rubboard (which, in the mix, he is also playing on that cut). “C & C Waltz” is a lovely French waltz, with Cedric Watson on fiddle. “Going Back Home,” another fast Zydeco number, includes Curnis Andres’ alto sax doubling with the accordion. Curnis appears again on the instrumental “My Daddy’s Zydeco Shuffle,”

“Creole Cruzin’” is a smooth ride across the prairie, with Corey at the wheel on accordion and keyboard, and Pandy right beside him on guitar. “On Top of the World” includes backup vocals by Feufollet’s Anna Laura Edmiston.  The juré number, let by Cedric Watson, is a traditional call-reponse song from a very old Creole tradition.  In the last cut, “Nice Guys Finish Last,” Corey stakes out his position in the long-running rivalry to rule over the kingdom of Zydeco.

The CD also features James “J.B.” Adams from Houston on washboard and backup vocals, Dion Pierre on bass, Jay Prejean on drums, plus other guest performers, including Joel Savoy on lead guitar on three tracks. The CD was recorded at Joel’s studio in March 2006.

For more information on Corey Ledet, check out his MySpace page.

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Posted 5-28-07
All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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