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Corey Young
and the Zydeco


2004 Update

Corey Young has a MySpace page with music clips and updates.

For details and contact information, go to the Official Web Site of Corey Young and Zydeco Embrace. (Link updated August 2007)

In 2004, Corey Young came out with his third CD and with a new name for his band, now known as the Zydeco Embrace. His triple row accordion in these photos from the Liberty Theater taken April 17, 2004, says "Tex Mex," but the sounds he produces are pure Zydeco. Corey continues to perform at festivals, private parties, and other venues across the region.


At age 16, Corey Young already has two CDs on which he not only demonstrates his mastery at a very early age of the accordion but he also composed the songs.

His band, known either as the Zydeco Teens or the Zydeco Teen Excitement, plays regularly across Southwest Louisiana, including performances in 2002 at Festival International and the Zydeco Extravaganza, both held in Lafayette.

He will perform at the free dance held in Plaisance on Friday evening, August 30, in conjunction with the Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival.

Corey Young's first CD, Do Ya Hear What I'm Sayin', released in 2001 by Zydeco Hound Records, included tributes to the Broussard family–Shelton Broussard and the late Delton Broussard. His 2002 CD, Corey and the Zydeco Teens, was released by J&S Records. Other band members on the CD are Brad Batiste, scrubboard; Natalie Young (his sister), lead guitar; Michael Broussard, bass guitar; "Magic Man," drums; Troy Carrier, live drums.

For booking information, contact  1-337-739-1632 or 1-337-478-1261 or via e-mail at

The photos on this page were taken at the Eunice Folklife Festival in October 2002 and at the Zydeco Extravaganza, held at Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette in May 2002.

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Posted 8-25-02

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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