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Old Tyme Country

5th Annual Salute at the Liberty Theater

The fifth annual Salute to Old Tyme Country Music, performed Jan. 7, 2006 at the Liberty Theater and organized by Terry Huval and members of the Jambalaya Cajun Band, once again showcased the rich, deep, wide-ranging traditions of country music from earlier decades. This year's show, which included an intermission, probably featured more songs than any previous salute. The program featured a number of duets.

Here's the program:

  • Terry Huval and Pope Huval: “He's in the Jailhouse Now” (Webb Pierce)

  • Vin Bruce: “Lonesome 7-7203” (Hawkshaw Hawkins), “Come Sundown” (Bobby Bare)

  • D.L. Menard: “Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way” (Carl Smith)

  • Helen Boudreaux: “Leave Us Women Alone” (Audrey Williams), “You Can't Have My Love” (Wanda Jackson)

  • Hugh Harris: “Roamin' 'Round the Ryman” (Hugh Harris)

  • Terry Huval: “HaIf A Mind” (Ernest Tubb)

  • Hugh Harris: “Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young” (Faron Young)

  • Pope Huval: “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” (Marty Robbins)

  • Pope Huval and Al Berard: “Can I Be Dreamin'?” (Rusty and Doug Kershaw)

  • Terry Huval: “Bimbo” (Jim Reeves)

  • Laura Berard Huval: “Sweet Dreams”(Patsy Cline)

  • Berard Family: “The Pain of Loving You” (Porter and Dolly)

  • Chris Malpass: "Heartaches by the Number" (Ray Price)

  • Terry Huval: The Little Girl in my Hometown (Carl Smith)

  • Terry Huval and Karleen Berard: “Times-A-Wastin'” (Carl Smith and June Carter)

  • All: “Rollin' in my Sweet Baby's Arms” (Roy Acuff)


  • Pope Huval and Don Helms: “Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy” (Red Foley)

  • Vin Bruce: “We Live in Two Different Worlds” (Roy Acuff)

  • D.L. Menard: "Are You Teasing Me?" (Carl Smith)

  • Helen Boudreaux: “Release Me” (Kitty Wells)

  • Helen and Pope: “One-by-One” (Kitty Wells & Red Foley)

  • Pope Huval: "Shackles and Chains” (Marty Robbins)

  • Hugh Harris: “I Ought to Know” (Hugh Harris)

  • Hugh and Laura: “Together Again” (Buck Owens/Emmy Lou Harris)

  • Pope and Maegan: “I Wish I Knew”(Louvin Brothers)

  • Maegan Berard: “Oh, What It Did to Me” (Tanya Tucker)

  • Barry Ancelet: “The Grand Tour” (George Jones)

  • Terry and Tony Huval: “Hey Joe (Hey Moe)” (Carl Smith/Moe and Joe)

  • Don Helms: "Tribute to his Fellow Drifting Cowboys"

  • D.L. and Hugh: “Mansion on the Hill” (Hank Williams)

  • Terry and Maegan: “I Can't Help It” (Hank Williams and Anita Carter)

  • Chris Malpass: “Hey, Good Lookin'”(Hank Williams)

  • All: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”(Carter Family)

The next shows will be performed January 6, 2007. For ticket information, contact Eunice City Hall, 337-457-7389.

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Just as he did during the Hank Williams Tribute Dec. 17 at the Liberty, Chris Malpass got an enthusiastic reception from the crowd.  Gina Forsyth on fiddle teamed with Malpass for a lively rendition of "Hey, Good Lookin'."

Laura Berard Huval and Hugh Harris: "Together Again."

Pope and Maegan: "I Wish I Knew"

Hugh Harris sang two songs that he wrote. As he explained, the songs, which are included on a CD,  are new but sound old, in the tradition of classic country.

Vin Bruce: "Lonesome 7-7203"

Barry Ancelet stepped out of his role as emcee and sang George Jones' "The Grand Tour."

Reggie Matte added the Cajun accordion to the finale, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

Helen and Pope: "One-by-One"


Terry Huval played the opening of "The Little
Girl from My Hometown" on an old Huval
family record player and then performed
the rest of the song himself.

Terry Huval and Karleen Berard: "Times-A-Wastin'"

Terry Huval and Maegan Berard: "I Can't Help It"

Terry Huval and his brother Tony sang "Hey Joe (Hey Moe)," recalling their earlier years together when Jambalaya was a country band.

Don Helms once again made the journey from Nashville to bring the authentic, classic sound of the steel guitar, the same way he played on stage and in the studio with Hank Williams Sr. and other country greats. In the second photo, Don is shown providing the leg-slapping percussion for Pope Huval's rendition of "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy."

Laura Berard Huval: "Sweet Dreams"

Maegan Berard: "Oh, What It Did to Me"

D.L. Menard: "Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way"

Pope Huval sang several classic Marty Robbins songs.

Chris Malpass and Pope Huval:

Helen Boudreaux: "Leave Us Women Alone"

Al Berard played both guitar and mandoin.


The Berard Family, with Al on mandolin, his wife, Karleen, and
daughters Maegan Berard and Laura Berard Huval, performed
"Pain of Loving You."

Don Helms, Ross Shellard (behind Don), Al Berard, Terry Huval,
Randy Champagne, Gina Forsyth, Pope Huval, Tony Huval,
Kenneth David.

Shown from left are Hugh Harris, Ross Shellard (in back on lead guitar), Don Helms (mostly obscured), Laura Berard Huval, Karleen Berard, Maegan Berard, Reggie Matte (Al Berard is behind him but not visible), Terry Huval, Barry Ancelet, Chris Malpass (with Randy Champagne behind him), Vin Bruce, Pope Huval, Gina Forsyth (on fiddle), Helen Boudreaux, Tony Huval (in back on drums), Kenneth David, and D.L. Menard.



Posted 1-14-06

All photographs by the David Simpson.

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