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Ed Gary and
The Louisiana Cajun Aces

Ed Gary and the Louisiana Cajun Aces in 2003

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Photos in this section were taken at the third annual Chapitre de Lafayette Cajun French Music Association "Tribute to Cajuns Musicians Festival" held Sept. 13, 2003, at Acadian Village in Lafayette. Shown are Aldes Broussard on accordion, Ed Gary on guitar, and Mervin Faul on steel guitar.

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In 2003, Ed Gary received another CFMA Le Cajun nomination as vocalist of the year, Aldes Broussard got a nomination as accordionist of the year and as the writer of "La valse de coeur cassé" in the song of the year category, and the band's 2002 CD C'est la Vie was nominated as best recording of the year. Though the band did not win any of the awards, Ed Gary and The Louisiana Cajun Aces certainly continue to enjoy a reputation as one of the top old-time Cajun dance bands. Listen to any song on C'est la Vie, released in 2002 by Lanor Records, and you'll hear a band that plays Cajun standards like "Chère Toute Toute" and "Allons à Lafayette" with ease and authority. Among the other cuts are "Saturday Night Special," "Wafus Two-Step," "Ossun Two-Step," "Valse de Samedi au Soir," "La Valse de l'Anniversaire," "L'Anse aux Pailles," "Welcome Club Waltz," "Cajun de Church Point, "Si Tu Serais Moi et Moi Serais Toi," "C'est Pas L'Amour," and a new instrumental by Aldes Broussard, "Two-Step de Bayou Chêne."

Other musicians on the CD were Raymond Cormier on fiddle, Mervin Faul on steel guitar, and Gary Breaux on drums.

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When veteran Cajun musician and band leader Ed Gary received the Cajun French Music Association's 2002 Le Cajun Male Vocalist of the Year Award, it was time for LSUE to add photos of him and his group, the Louisiana Cajun Aces, to the Internet, even before obtaining a copy of his 1999 CD, All Time Cajun Favorites, or any other recordings.

Most of the photos in this section were taken at the annual Cajun Celebration held June 22, 2002, at the Eunice Northwest Community Center, sponsored by the Louisiana Cajun Culture and Music Club. One photo, showing Gary with a moustache,  was taken at a Christmas benefit sponsored in December 2000 by the Lake Charles chapter of the Cajun French Music Association.

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Members of the band include Aldes Broussard on accordion, Hugh Johnson on fiddle, Mervin Faul on steel guitar, and Ray Thibodeaux on drums. Gary is the principal vocalist, but Broussard also ably handles some of the vocals.

Gary, who lives in Basile, has been performing since he was 15.

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Posted 8-18-02.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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