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Fred Charlie /

Jason Babineaux &
and the Acadiana Cajuns

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Fred Charlie and the Acadiana Cajuns in 2003
Fred Charlie's 2003 CD, Je Rêvé Heir Au Soir, demonstrates that Fred Charlie and the Acadiana Cajuns continue as one of the top Cajun dance bands. For many years, the group has performed regularly at D.I.'s Cajun Restaurant west of Eunice, at venues on the Gulf Coast, at Mardi Gras, at festivals, and at other events.

The CD showcases Fred Charlie's talents as a songwriter with the title cut, "J'ai rêvé heir au soir," a waltz about unfulfilled dreams sung in French and then in English on the final cut, along with another new song, "Si je pourrait." As a long-time music producer, Fred Charlie also knows how to put together a CD that richly deserves the label on the cover, "Warning: Contains Real Cajun Music!" 

There are 19 cuts in all, including D.L. Menard's "Back Door," Nathan Abshire's "Bayou Teche," Maurice Barzas' "Eunice Waltz," Varmon Daigle's "Waltz of Life" (one of Paul Daigle's signature songs), Adam Hebert's "Don't Cry Little Blue Eyes" and "Open the Door," plus "Tolan Waltz," "Duson Waltz," "Madame Sostan," "Hack à Moreau," "Jolie Blonde," and "Joe Pitre." A slim, angular Jason Babineaux  (compare the 2003 photo with the ones further down the page) displays his talent on the accordion throughout the CD, especially on Iry LeJeune's instrumental  "Teche Special" (the Cajun version of "Quo' Faire?"). Other instrumentals include Marc Savoy's "Hop, Skip, and Jump" and Milton Adams' "Midnight Playboy Special."

Jeff Thibodeaux plays drums on most of the cuts but switches to accordion on three numbers and handles the vocals on "Eunice Waltz." Elridge Aguillard is on fiddle, and James Perry is on bass. 

To contact Fred Charlie, phone (337) 457-1786.

Note: As of 2008, Jason Babineaux is living in Houston so he has been able to perform with Fred Charlie only occasionally, but he is playing with Cajun bands in the Houston area.


Fred Charlie is singer and songwriter who also owns Acadiana Sounds Recording Studio in Eunice, located in same building on Second Street as Dee's Cajun Gifts and Souvenirs, a business that he runs together with his wife. He has recorded 54 songs, including 35 songs that he wrote himself.

As leader of the Acadiana Cajuns, Charlie is joined by Jason Babineaux, an LSUE student in his early twenties who speaks fluent Cajun French, having learned the language from his grandmother.  Babineaux's traditional accordion playing matches nicely with Charlie's acoustic guitar and his vocals. Charlie wrote all of the songs on the group's 1998 CD, En Travers Les Années. His songs draw on his own life as a Cajun and reflect on the Cajun experience.  In the notes to the CD, he writes, "I would especially like to thank God and my parents for making me a Cajun." That message comes through clearly in his music and in his commitment to supporting the preservation of the French language in Louisiana and the Cajun heritage. His efforts on behalf of Cajun culture and music have been recognized by awards from the Cajun French Music Association.

Since the early nineties, Charlie has been coordinating a Cajun jam session on Wednesdays at DI's Restaurant. He has also released jam session music on CD to give listeners around the world a chance to hear Cajun music in an informal, traditional setting. Since 1987, Charlie has also hosted a weekly Saturday morning Cajun music program on KEUN and KJJB radio in Eunice.

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Shown during the Eunice Fall Fest in 1999 are Fred Charlie, Jason Babineaux, and Ron Granger.

Fred Charlie in 2001

charlie5.jpg (24358 bytes) In 2001, Fred Charlie has continued to be a major force in Cajun music. His Acadiana Records Company in Eunice is producing a steady stream of great Cajun CDs, as well as Zydeco recordings on the Zydeco Hound label. His studio also has recorded artists whose CDs are released by other companies. In addition, his band continues to perform regularly at restaurants, festivals, and other events. He also continues to write new Cajun songs.
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Pictured above in the top photo in this section are Jason Babineaux on accordion, Terry Guillory on guitar and Fred Charlie during the Evangeline Parish Tourist Commission's "La Musique des Cajuns," a program held in Tate Cove to honor musicians  from Evangeline Parish. The other picture of Fred Charlie is from the same event. Fiddler Elridge Aguillard is shown on the stage at Eunice's Northwest Community Center Pavilion performing with Fred Charlie on a chilly, windy morning at the start of the annual Crawfish Étouffée Cookoff in March 2001.

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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