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Feufollet released a new CD, Cow Island Hop, in 2008. Click here for details.
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Click on thumbnails to access larger 2006 photos of Feufollet at Festivals Acadiens Oct. 14, 2006, and at the Blackpot Festival in Lafayette Nov. 10, 2006.

Shown above in the photo at right above are Josh Caffery, Anna Laura Edmiston, Michael Stafford (on drums), Chris Stafford, Taylor Guarisco, and Chris Segura. The photo of Ann Laura at left was taken at Festivals Acadiens. The Blackpot Festival photos below include the same members except for Glenn Fields from the Red Stick Ramblers on drums. Scroll below for more information on Feufollet or go to the band's official web site.

In 2004,  Feufollet released their third CD, Tout un Beau Soir. Shown above at the Liberty Theater on June 12, 2004, are Anna Laura Edmiston, Chris Courville, Chris Stafford, Chris Segura, Craig Futch, and Derek Hebert. Click here for more details and additional photos.


La Bande Feufollet 2003

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Note: The group now goes by the name "Feufollet." Be sure to check out the links immediately below for the latest on Feufollet.

Visit the Official Web Site of Feufollet.
Visit the band's MySpace page.

The membership of La Bande Feufollet has changed in 2003, but the group still sounds as great as ever. Chris Stafford on accordion, fiddle, guitar and vocals and Chris Segura on fiddle remain as the original members of the group.  Anna Laura Edmiston is the other main vocalist. She does a superb job "Travailler c'est trop dur" and other numbers that have become part of Feufollet's standard repertoire. Maegen Benoit is now on guitar, Derek Hebert is on bass, and Jeremy Richard is on drums.

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Photos in this section were taken April 11, 2003, during Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Day at Lake Fausse State Park and at the Liberty Theater on June 28, 2003. Shown, from left, in the photo directly above are Maegen Benoit, Anna Laura Edmiston, Chris Stafford, Jeremy Richard, Chris Segura, and Derek Hebert.

Photos of La Bande Feufollet prior to 2003 are shown below and on linked pages.

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Click here for pictures taken in 2002.

Of the many young Cajuns now playing the music of their ancestors, the members of La Bande Feufollet stand out not only because of their musical virtuosity but because they are fluent in French.  By comparing the pictures on this page, taken in November 2000 and April 2001, with earlier pictures, you can see that the band has, of course, matured physically since the release of their first CD in 1999. That CD was an instant hit in Southwest Louisiana, and, after touring in Canada in appearing at the Montreal Jazz Festival annually starting in 1999, the group has developed a big following in Canada.

The group's second CD, Belle Louisiane, was released in spring 2001 under the band's own Feufollet Records label. Brittany Polaski's beautiful, pure voice continues to captivate audiences. She sings lead vocals on the album's title song, "Belle Louisiane," a previously unrecorded anthem to the land of the Cajuns by Zachary Richard that received the Cajun French Music Assocation's 2002 Le Cajun Song of the Year Award. The CD opens with  Polaski singing Kristi Guillory's celebration of the simple pleasures of Cajun life, "Fier d'Ítre Cadien."  She also sings Dewey Balfa's "La valse de orphelin." Like the other members of the band, she has a natural singing style that lets the lyrics flow with the music.

Ashley Hayes has lead vocals on "Une ange pour tout de la Louisiane," a tribute by Dirk Powell to the rich cultural heritage of Louisiana previously recorded by Balfa Toujours. She also sings Steve Riley's arrangement of the traditional song "Les clefs de la prison,"  about a man facing execution, and she joins with Polaski and Christopher Stafford for an a cappela rendition of another traditional song, "Septs ans sur mer," a rather grim ballad about starvation on the high seas.  She also sings her own song, "Le 2-step de tÍte dure," which describes the plight of hard-headed children who do not want to admit that what their parents told them about life was right.

Christopher Stafford has lead vocals on "Evangeline," a catchy pop tune about a contemporary teenager on the run rather than Longfellow's Evangeline, originally recorded by Los Lobos in 1984. Feufollet offers both English and French versions. With Stafford on accordion (and trumpet) and Matthew Cormier on saxophone, the band adds a Zydeco sound to a song written by a Chicano group. Stafford also sings the Cajun standard "Petite ou la grosse."

Christopher Stafford is the author and performer of "Cauchemar de 1755" ("Nightmare of 1755": the year that the French settlers were expelled by the British from l'Acadie), playing lead fiddle, second fiddle, harmony fiddle, and drums, with Steve Riley on guitar and fiddle sticks.

Chris Segura plays lead fiddle on a medley of two Dennis McGee songs with Stafford seconding and then switching to accordion. The arrangement is by Steve Riley. In "Lake Arthur Stomp," another instrumental, Segura offers an interpretation inspired by the late Lionel Leleux.

Steve Riley, who was producer for the group's first album, continues in that role for the 2001 release. The CD includes notes by Dirk Powell and printed lyrics (no translations for French lyrics).

For more information, be sure to check out the group's official web site.  Booking information can also be obtained from Lisa Stafford, (337) 981-0951 or (337) 288-8087; or Vonda Hayes, (337) 228-2618 or (337) 228-2384.

Click here for more information about La Bande Feufollet on LSUE's web site, including details about their first album.

Click here for pictures taken at the Eunice 1999 Fall Fest.

Click here for pictures from Mardi Gras 2000 in Mamou.

Click here for pictures from Mardi Gras 2001 in Mamou.

Pictured from top to bottom in the left column are Christopher Stafford on accordion, Chris Segura on fiddle, Ashley Hayes, in photos taken at Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette April 29, 2001, and Brittany Polaski at the Liberty Theater Nov. 18, 2000, The picture of Michael Stafford on drums was taken quickly at Festivals Acadiens in 2001 before being shooed away from the side stage by festival organizers. The picture of Matthew Cormier on bass guitar was taken at the same event.The photos underneath were taken at Festival International showing Brittany Polaski at left and at right Chris Segura and Christopher Stafford on twin fiddles.

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The bottom picture of La Bande Feufollet taken at the Liberty Theater Nov. 18, 2000, shows Brittany Polaski on triangle; Christopher Stafford on accordion; his brother, Michael Stafford on drums; Chris Segura on fiddle; Ashley Hayes on guitar; and Matthew Cormier on bass. The next picture was taken at Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette April 29, 2001. Above it is another shot from the Nov. 18 Liberty performance.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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