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Jr. Melancon and

and the Come Down Playboys, 2002

Click here for high resolution photos of Jr. Melancon posted on Flickr.
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The CD referred to below is now available, and it lives up to expectations. Click here for more information.

The word from Fred Charlie of Acadiana Records is that Junior Melancon has been in the studio in the summer of 2002 recording a new CD that is going to be even hotter than his first one.

If you haven't hear Chad Cormier's incredible fiddle playing, prepare to be amazed when you listen to the CD.

Meanwhile, Junior Melancon continues to excite crowds wherever he performs, including the Lawtell Crawfish Boat Festival on April 21, 2002, when most of the photos on this page were taken.

In early June, as shown in the bottom photo in this column, he took part in the Accordion Extravaganza at the Church Point Buggy Festival–the last performer in a long line of accordionists stretched across the stage and the one who evoked the loudest cheers.

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Posted 8-25-02

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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