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Keith Frank 2003

The Zydeco Icon

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The title of Keith Frank's 2003 release, The Zydeco Icon, appropriately describes his standing among Zydeco fans in Southwest Louisiana. At his performance during the 2003 Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival on May 3, the crowd was clapping, shouting, shaking, and, yes, dancing, when they could find room in the crush around the bandstand.

The CD features a good variety of songs: Keith's interpretation of traditional songs like "Jambalaya" and "Mardi Gras Second Line" with his own lyrics, live versions of "The Mill" and "Part Time Lover," the funky beat of "Party Down," a highly danceable "It's Alright," a Zydeco interpretation of Cajun in "Acadiana Soul Two-Step," and a song about "Captain Pawn," who overspends and soon has to pawn everything. Frank mixes Zydeco with reggae in "Lion in the Jungle."

There are also a couple of songs in French: "Petite ou la grosse"  and "Horse with No Shoes" (and no socks!).

His godchild Julie (pictured below) has lead vocals on "Hit the Road, Jack" ("How did I do, Parrain?" she asks at the conclusion of the song.).

"Big Butt Woman" is included in a radio version and in an extended mix that last more than nine minutes, featuring some virtuoso accordion riffs.

The CD was recorded by Keith Frank and released on his SoulWood Records label.

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Actually, Keith Frank was demonstrating how he could magically use his hand to control the volume of the other musicians when he decided to provide a close-up of his magical powers.


Outside photos on this page were taken at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival May 3, 2003.   As shown below, Kevin Wimmer of Balfa Toujours joined Keith Frank toward the end of the performance to add a Creole fiddle sound. The two inside photos were taken at Arręte Pas La Musique, a fundraiser for Louisiana Folk Roots held at the Ville Platte Civic Center Feb. 15, 2003. Keith Frank's father, Preston Frank, performed with Keith on guitar and then Keith played a few numbers on accordion.
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Posted 6-22-03

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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