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Michael Doucet in 2002

High res photos of BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet posted on Flickr.
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The photos on this page were taken at a performance of Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil at Downtown Alive! in Lafayette September 20, 2002, held in conjunction with Festivals Acadiens. There are also two photos of Doucet at  a jam session at the festival honoring the late Felix Richard. Other participants included Zachary Richard, Kenneth Richard, and Horace Trahan.

Fiddlers 4, a 2002 CD featuring Doucet, Bruce Molsky, Darol Anger, and Rushad Eggleston, was nominated for a Grammy in the traditional folk category.  Described by Dirty Linen magazine as "the ultimate American fiddle jam," the CD includes versions of several BeauSoleil Cajun numbers: "La Betaille," "Chez Seychelles," "Danse Caribe," and "Mazurka / Acadian Two-Step."

In addition, Doucet played on Evangeline Made, another CD nominated for a Grammy in the traditional folk category. Doucet was part of an all-star Cajun band that Ann Savoy, the CD's producer, assembled to perform with various non-Cajun artists who offered their versions of Cajun songs as a tribute to the Cajun musical tradition.

Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil won a Grammy in 1997, the only Cajun band ever to receive that award.

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Shown above is Jimmy Breaux, grandson of the famous Cajun musician Amédé Breaux and the great-nephew of Cleoma Breaux Falcon. At the bottom of the left column is a shot taken at Downtown Alive! of David Breaux, Michael Doucet's brother. During Festivals Acadiens, he was featured in the Heritage Pavilion "sans BeauSoleil." He is a remarkable musician, talented both as a guitarist and as a vocalist who knows how to sing Cajun songs well.

The photo at the bottom of the page shows BeauSoleil at Downtown Alive!

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Posted 1-8-03

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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