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Scotty Pousson

& the Pointe aux Loups Playboys

Click here for 2008 high resolution photos of Scotty Pousson and his band.
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Scotty Pousson is shown on accordion in the top two photographs. The main vocalist for the band, Terry "High Pockets" Fontenot, is shown next. Daryl Lantier plays fiddle with the group. The pictures were taken at the Northwest Community Center Pavilion in Eunice June 10, 2000, during the Louisiana Cajun Culture and Music Club Festival. Below are a couple of photos taken at the St. Thomas More Church Bazaar  a couple of blocks from LSUE on Sept. 29, 2001.

Note: In 2008, the band is still performing, including regular gigs at D.I.'s Cajun Restaurant in Tee-Mamou. Other information has not been updated since 2002.

Scotty Pousson and the Pointe aux Loups Playboys get their name from a former name for the settlement in Acadia Parish that is now known as Iota. In early times, the area was supposedly so overrun with wolves that it was known as the Point of Wolves.

The group's first and only album, released in 1999 by Acadiana Records of Eunice (337-457-1786), offers listeners a chance to hear a Cajun band that performs in the traditional style. Like many Cajun bands, the Pointe aux Loups Playboys are musicians who get together after their regular jobs to play music that they love.

The album includes one new song, "Our Little Angel," about the death of a son who is now in heaven with God. The vocal is by Morris Newman, who co-wrote the song. Newman is  guest vocalist for several other songs. Scotty Pousson also contributed two new instrumentals to the album, "Pointe aux Loups Special" and "Bundick Two-Step."

Other songs on the CD are Cajun favorites like "Little Black Eyes," "Amédée Two-Step," "Kaplan Waltz," "Allons à Lafayette," "Opelousas Waltz," Chère Chérie," and "'Tit Galop Pour Mamou." Terry "High Pockets" Fontenot, the main vocalist for the group, puts his whole body into his stage performance (he is also described in the liner notes as "Alligator Man"). Among the songs he performs is the tongue-twister "Step It Fast," also known as "T'en as eu, t'en n'auras plus" ("you had some, you won't be getting any more").

For more information about the band, contact Scotty Pousson, 337-779-2393 or 337-779-2411.

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The photos below were taken at the Liberty Theater May 25, 2002. That's Terry "High Pockets" Fontenot doing the "alligator" on the floor of the Liberty–not exactly regulation Cajun dancing.
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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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