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  The Red Stick

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2003 Update: Ramblers' Second CD Released

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Be sure to go to the Red Stick Ramblers' Official Web Site for the latest news from the band.

The Red Stick Ramblers have been all over during the last year–across the nation, up to Canada, and all the way out to the State of Washington to record their second CD, which features more of their unique,  multidimensional, tightly blended authentic Cajun gypsy swing. Everyone who felt transfigured by Linzay Young and Joel Savoy's rendition of "Grand Tasso" on the first CD can look forward to a similar experience listening to their twin fiddles and Linzay's vocals on "Parting Waltz," another of those haunting Cajun melodies about separation. There is also Wilson Savoy's "Two Step des Condamnés," based on Iry LeJeune's "La valse de quatre-vingt-dix-neuf ans" with guest musician Steve Riley on accordion. In addition, The Ramblers perform "Belle" by Gérard Dôle, a French authority on Cajun music whom they met during their 2002 trip to France.

The CD also offers "Blue Drag" by Django Reinhardt, "Bring It on Down" and "Dinah" from Bob Wills' repertoire, "Stay All Night," and "16 Tons," the Merle Travis song made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford and now re-interpreted by Linzay Young into one of the band's most requested numbers.

A special reward of owning this CD is listening to the band's original songs: Linzay Young's "What Do I Do?", a romantic ballad in the classic style; "Rattle My Cage," a bluegrass lament by Chas Justus in which he also makes his vocal debut; Josh Caffery's "When the Sugar Cane's Tall" and "Main Street Blues," a new song which sounds like it must be a classic from the 1930s with inventive lyrics and some intricate plucking and strumming.

This CD offers plenty of listening enjoyment. But never pass up an opportunity to see this group perform live. The Red Stick Ramblers always attract enthusiastic crowds, and you'll get to hear some great music that they have not yet recorded, including "The Smeckled Suite," an original instrumental composition by Chas Justus that takes gypsy swing to levels never before imagined.

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Photos in this section were taken October 4, 2003, at the first annual Acoustic Music Festival held at Acadian Village in Lafayette. Shown are Chas Justus on guitar; Joel Savoy on fiddle; Glenn Fields on drums; Linzay Young on fiddle and vocals; Eric Frey, the band's new bass player; and Josh Caffery on mandolin.

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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