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Terry & the Zydeco
Bad Boys

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New CD Released in 2006

Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys have released a 2006 CD, Creole to the Core, featuring 11 songs including four originals. The CD is on the Master-Trak Enterprises label.

Terry adds to the zydeco tradition of songs about undergarments with "Black Drawers": "If you're going to leave me, leave me with your black drawers on," not your old "calešon."  He also covers Willis Prudhomme's "My Little Woman Is a Salty Dog," another song centering on drawers, or lack thereof.

The CD opens with "But I Love You," and Terry also offers his instrumental "Duson Two-Step" and "Bad Boys Two-Step," written with Bobby Broussard.

"Dance with Me,"  a song credited to Josh and the Zydeco Souljas, begins as an old-style waltz in French and then accelerates to a two-step in English.

Other songs include Beau Jocque's "Marann" (listed as "Mon Ney" on the CD cover), Ann Goodley's "Zydeco Stomp," Andre Thierry's "Whole Lotta Something Going On," plus two other songs, "I Hear You Knockin'" and "Country Girl."

Other musicians on the CD are Bobby Broussard on electric and acoustic guitar, Chris Ardoin on bass, Kendrick Domingue on scrubboard, Joe Sylvester on drums.


Photos at right taken Sept. 2, 2006, in Opelousas at the Court House.

Posted 9-13-06


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The photos were taken at the Zydeco Breakfast August 30, 2003, at the Old City Market in Opelousas preceding the annual Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Festival in Plaisance. Terry Domingue is shown on accordion, and, visible in the photo below, are Michael Morgan on bass and Josh Thibeaux on scrubboard.

It was only mid-morning, but, as the bottom photo shows, zydeco dancers were out in full force to enjoy Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys.

In 2003, Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys recorded their first CD, Make You Feel Good, featuring seven original songs by Terry Domingue. In the title song, Terry sings "The Bad Boys, they make you feel so good," and that sums up the response his music gets at festivals and dance halls in Southwest Louisiana.

There's high energy zydeco on the CD in songs like "Back It Up" and "Keep on Movin'," but the music always flows smoothly, with Terry's vocals and accordion work, Kent August's guitar, and the rest of the band keeping everything in the groove. "Bad Boys Groove," an instrumental, rolls and flows along like a Louisiana bayou. Terry even offers dancers "Blue Moon Waltz," a refreshing example of zydeco that draws on older traditions that many bands ignore. In "Festival," he offers a tribute to dozens of musical events across Louisiana and beyond.

Terry also includes his version of some classic numbers by zydeco legends: Boozoo Chavis' "Johnnie Ma Cabri" and Beau Jocque's "Gardez Donc."

In addition to Terry Domingue on accordion and Kent August on guitar, other musicians on the CD are Jamyric Sonnier on drums, Josh Thibeaux on scrubboard, and Michael Morgan on bass.


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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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