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  Travis Benoit



Travis Benoit is a young accordion player who has already gained well-deserved recognition. Even before the release of his first CD in 2005, he was honored by the Lafayette Chapter of the Cajun French Music Association with the 2003 New Dawn Award. In 2006, he was nominated for the national CFMA Le Cajun Award as Accordionist of the Year and his CD, Et Allons Danser, was nominated as Best First Recording.

Benoit was a student of  the late Kenneth Thibodeaux, whose death in December 2003 was a shock to everyone who loves Cajun music. Kenneth Thibodeaux's legacy was not only the music he recorded for us while he was alive. As an accordion teacher, he left behind students who are now making their own contributions to the continuation of Cajun music  Thibodeaux would certainly be proud of young Benoit's development as an accordionist and the skill and talent he demonstrates on his first CD.

Also on the CD are Ray Thibodeaux on drums and vocals, Jimmy Higginbotham on bass and vocals, and Jason Frey on fiddle, all regular members Ken Thibodeaux's band. Also on the CD are other friends, Mark Latiolais on guitar and Danny Cormier on steel guitar.

The CD begins with Jimmy Higginbotham's tribute to Kenneth Thibodeaux titled "Bon Dieu Mon Dieu," about the pain of losing a close friend. Other songs on the CD are  dancehall favorites. By including "Lonely Girl Waltz" and "Scott Playboy Special," Travis Benoit covers both sides of the only recording Walter Mouton ever made with  Other songs include "Evangeline Waltz," "The Life I Thought I Wanted," "Oh Yea Yi," "Perrodin Two-Step," "Along the River," "I Made a Big Mistake," "The Road I  Took," "Mermentau Special," and "La Valse Sans Espoir," written by Darrell Higginbotham, Jimmy's father. Jimmy also sings "I'm a Little Bit Lonesome" in English.

According to the liner notes, you can get booking information from Travis or Ray at 337-783-2809 or via email at or by calling Jimmy at 337-479-0256.

The CD was released by Acadiana Records, 337-457-1786 or 866-518-6465 or

Photos of Travis Benoit and his friends were taken at the Liberty Theater in June 2006.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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