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       T-Salé at LSUE

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T-Salé performed March 3, 2005, on the LSUE campus before an audience that included members of the LSU Board of Supervisors, LSU System officials, and other special invited guests.

Earlier in the afternoon, the LSU Board had met on the LSUE campus, and further meetings were held the next day (the board periodically schedules meetings at LSU System campuses away from the board offices in Baton Rouge).

The performance was held in the auditorium of the Health Technology Building, a small venue with an audience that included many guests from outside the area who were unfamiliar with Cajun music.

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Shown from left are Richard Burgess, Dave Trainer, Todd Aucoin, Jean-Jacques Aucoin, and Louie Aucoin.

LSUE Chancellor William Nunez is shown dancing with his wife, Adele, to the closing number, "La Robe de Rosalie," during T-Salé 's performance at LSUE.

Though many in the audience may not have understood the words to the songs, they certainly felt the joy and excitement that radiated from the band and the music. In addition, Jean-Jacques Aucoin provided short introductions to each number so that the audience knew in general what each song was about. The band managed to adjust the sound to fit the small auditorium, keeping everything in perfect balance.

It was a different kind of performance for T-Salé, but band members said they enjoyed it. LSUE faculty members who knew Jean-Jacques Aucoin and Louie Aucoin when they attended LSUE before moving on to earn their college degrees also had a chance to greet them and talk about earlier years at LSUE.

T-Salé at the Liberty Theater July 9, 2005

  Posted 7-23-05


All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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