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Zydeco Force

2009 UPDATE: Zydeco Force certainly made their mark on the zydeco scene in Louisiana, Texas, and far beyond. After the group disbanded in the middle of the decade, Jeffery Broussard established his own band, the Creole Cowboys. Robby Robinson has been manager for Guyland Leday and is a member of Guyland's band.

Update: Zydeco Force
in 2003

In 2003, Zydeco Force released a new CD, Rock Awhile Z-Force Style, one of the ValueDiscs distributed by Maison de Soul in Ville Platte. For a bargain price, listeners get seven songs from one of the most accomplished bands in all of Zydeco. Joining the group on the new CD is Herbert Broussard on scrubboard and on lead vocals on "Body by Fisher" and "Slippin' 3."  His cousin, accordionist Jeffery Broussard, has the lead vocals on "Going Back," "Coming Through," and "Nellay," a Zydeco mule song with a lot of banter back and forth between the two cousins in English mixed with French. "Fred G Zydeco"  is a tribute of sorts to Fred G. Sanford, the Red Foxx character in the TV series. The CD closes with "Act Like a Monkey," expanding on another Zydeco theme in French and English. In addition to Robby Robinson on bass, the band includes Faran Broussard on guitar and Jonathon August on drums.

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The photos in the section were taken at the annual St. Ann's Catholic Church boucherie in Mallet held in May 2003 and at the Original Southwest Zydeco Festival in late August. Shown below performing at St. Ann's is Guyland Ledet, 5 years old when these photos were taken. Guyland, who can play more than 100 songs using his unique style holding the accordion backwards, is part of the Broussard family: Jeffery is his great uncle. His performances with Zydeco Force are a real crowd pleaser, but, beyond that, this young man can really play well. There's nothing tentative about his playing: when he is performing, he is in command of the music.

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Click here for pictures from 2001 and information on Zydeco Force's 2001 CD, You Mean the World to Me.

We're Back!
proclaims the cover of the new CD released in spring 2000 by Zydeco Force recorded for J&S Records of Ville Platte.  Those of us at LSUE who were in the Acadian Center the Monday afternoon before Mardi Gras 2000 when Zydeco Force performed at the annual St. Landry Parish Council on Aging Dance already knew that.  Before a crowd the was a combination of elderly parish residents and out-of-state Mardi Gras visitors, Jeffery Broussard, one of the top accordion players in zydeco, showed that he had not lost his touch. The band's performance featured a wide range of styles, from the "double-clutchin" funk sound that the group helped to initiate back in the late 1980s to a more traditional rural French zydeco sound. The son of the late Delton Broussard, who led the Lawtell Playboys, Jeffery Broussard showed during his LSUE performance that he can still play and sing a diverse repertoire of French zydeco numbers along with the songs in English that make up most of the group's new CD.

Zydeco Force was established in 1988, led by Robby "Mann" Robinson on bass. Robinson has also written and arranged many of the band's songs. As the band's popularity grew, Zydeco Force not only drew large crowds to South Louisiana dance halls but also toured the country, including a performance on ABC's Good Morning America. According to Herman Fuselier, their music was also used in a Windex.commercial and   was featured in the remake of the Disney movie Shaggy Dog. When by the mid-1990s other groups began to eclipse their popularity , Zydeco Force split up. However, none of the band members seems to have found real satisfaction musically playing with other groups, so now, at the start of a new millennium, Zydeco Force is back, better than ever.

Earlier CDs released by Zydeco Force include It's La La Time (1995), The Zydeco Push (1994: the title cut helped to spark a new zydeco dance style), Shaggy Dog Two-Step (1992), The Sun's Going Down (1991), and Zydeco Force (1990), all recorded on the Maison de Soul label.

The new CD, We're Back! includes some of the group's previous hits like "Madeline," "B-Flat" ("I ain't going to play my C no more," Broussard sings, referring to the tuning of his accordion), and "Just Because" along with new songs like "Love to Zydeco," "Country Days," "Brittany Two-Step," "All White Girls Love to Zydeco," "Pretty Eyes" (in French), and Zyde'Y2K."

The other band members on the new  are Raymond Thomas, drums; Shelton Broussard, rhythm guitar and lead guitar plus vocals; Shelton Sonnier, rhythm guitar and lead guitar plus vocals; Demetric Thomas, scrubboard.

For more information on the band, contact Robby "Mann" Robinson, P.O. Box 7257, Opelousas, LA 70571, (337) 942-2790, or


Jeffery Broussard is shown in the top two pictures performing with Zydeco Force on May 20, 2000, on the front steps of the St. Landry Parish Court House in Opelousas on the day when Opelousas was declared the Zydeco Capital of the World. The program commemorated Clifton Chenier's origins in St. Landry Parish, so Zydeco Force performed several of the Chenier songs that are also included on their earlier recordings.   Robby "Mann" Robinson is shown below and beside him a shot of Jeffery when Zydeco Force played at LSUE for the Council on Aging Dance the Monday before Mardi Gras 2000. Beneath that is a shot of Jeffery when he played with the High Rollers at the Crowley Rice Festival in October 1999. After a brief period with the High Rollers following the death of Beau Jocque, Broussard became part of the new millennium version of Zydeco Force. The group shots are from the performance on the court house steps and, shown below, the performance in the LSUE Acadian Center.

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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