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    Zachary Richard
at Festivals Acadiens

More high resolution photos of Zachary Richard are now posted on Flickr. In 2008, Zachary Richard was selected as the honoree at Festivals Acadiens.
zach1.jpg (20002 bytes) Not only did Zachary Richard perform many of the old Cajun standards in a tribute to Felix Richard at Festivals Acadiens on September 22, 2002. He also glared at the camera with the kind of determination that since the 1970s has made him a leader in efforts to preserve the Cajun language and culture.

In addition to teaching the accordion to musicians like Zachary Richard and Horace Trahan, Felix Richard played almost all of his life. In 1973 he formed the Cankton Express that included his sons Kenneth and Sterling (who died in a helicopter accident), and Gerald Cormier, Faren Serrette, and Rex Champagne.

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Click here to go to Zachary Richard's Official Web Site, available in both French and English, with extensive information about Zachary Richard's music and other activities, numerous video and audio clips, and a "boutique" offering a variety of merchandise.

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Zachary Richard is shown with Kenneth Richard, son of Felix Richard, and Michael Doucet. Click here for a photo of Horace Trahan, who was seated on Zachary Richard's right.

Posted 1-5-03

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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