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  Balfa Heritage Week
   Goldman Thibodeaux
   April 27, 2006 

Shown with Goldman Thibodeaux are Jeffery Broussard, at left, and Cedric Watson. In the photo below, Courtney Granger is playing triangle.

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Goldman Thibodeaux not only played wonderful old-style Creole music but also shared his memories that extend back to childhoold recollections of Amédé Ardoin playing at house dances. When these photos were taken in late April 2006, his third CD was set to be released soon.



Below are photos of a couple of the workshops that followed Goldman Thibodeaux's master musician session. Jeffery Broussard is shown leading a workshop on playing the rubboard or frottoir, and Ann Savoy is leading campers who are learning to sing Cajun songs.

Posted 7-22-06.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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