Eunice Waltz      (traditioneel)

He bebe, t'es apres me quitter, chere,
apres me quitter pour t'en aller a Grand Eunice.
He, quoi faire toi, t'es comme ca, bebe?
Tu viens pas a la maison pour rejoindre ton negre.

He, bebe, oublie-moi pas, chere,
et les miseres toi, t'es apres faire avec moi.
He catin, un jour a venir, chere,
tu voudras t'en revenir decouragee.


Hey, baby, you're leaving me, dear,
leaving me to go away to Eunice.
Hey, why are you that way, baby?
You won't come home to meet your man.

Hey, baby, don't forget me, dear,
and all the troubles you're causing me.
Hey, dear, one day will come, dear,
you will want to come home discouraged. 

(Steve Riley: CD : Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys)